So you think you can Race?

Get in the game, bring your friends, and race to the top!

Creature Racer – Race and Earn: The first mobile game to let you earn STX just by playing. Start upgrading your pet and racing to the top today!

Mint your favorite creature into a unique NFT. Stake it. Done!

Get a share of every STX spent in the game and watch your earnings grow!

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and Customize

Maximize your creature’s potential – build muscle, boost stature, and lower heart rate for peak performance. Customize your creature’s look with a variety of colors. Start upgrading today!

Make your pet truly yours! Mint your NFT, stake and earn on your unique creation. Play now and start your journey to the top!


Explore the animal kingdom

Choose from 21 different creatures, each with their own unique share in the reward pool. Play as a boar, frog, bird, dog, hippopotamus, and more. Maximize your rewards by tuning your pet. Start racing now!

Go for the rarest of the rare – the dragon and the tiger! Only the best can mint these ultimate NFTs in Creature Racer

Every STX payment you make goes straight to the Reward Pool

When you stake your NFT you will get a share of all rewards from Reward Pool. Each NFT is unique and depending on Tier, upgrades, mint cap and Creature type it gives you a different percentage of rewards. Remember that your NFT has an expiry date so come back and play as often as possible so you don’t miss your mint cap spot.


Invite & Earn

Mint your own Referral NFT (rNFT) to hold in your Xverse/Hiro wallet, and invite your friends to discover the game’s new possibilities. Earn a commission on every STX they spend in the game. Start playing now and start earning!

The more people you invite, the more you can earn – so don’t wait! Invite your friends, family, and everyone in between to play for your success. And if you want, you can always sell your rNFT and mint a new one. Start playing now and start earning!

Get ahead of the game and create your Xverse or Hiro wallet to earn some STX!

Gotta Race’ em All!

It’s time to race into the world of Creature Racer. No time to wait.

Play Soon!

Don’t wait – the earlier you start, the more you can earn. Join the excitement of Creature Racer – Race and Earn and start building your crypto earnings today!

Lets Race & Earn!

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